#Boomerang Effect: Whatever we do in life comes back to us

I just want to bless our world because I love everyone in this world. #boomerangeffect

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Life Justification #2 

I skipped going to grocery store because our puppy offered up sad eyes when I went to leave. 

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Life Justification #1

I justified eating a candy bar for breakfast since I only had one egg in frig 

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My Book Baby, Part Two

Here’s some statistics and original requests of my reader research project for my middle grade Christmas fantasy, Halo and the Boomerang Effect. (see part one)

I started with six children, but one child gave the manuscript to her cousin when she was finished reading (IKR!).

  • Ages and genders were: one eight-year-old girl, a nine-year-old girl, three ten-year-old girls, one eleven-year-old girl, and one ten-year-old boy (IKR!).
  • Three parents ended up reading the story after their children were done. I did not ask for their ages J
  • Everyone completed the 49,000-word story within five weeks.
  • I asked the children to mark places where they were confused with questions marks, underlines, and to add in smiley faces or hearts on the parts they liked.
  • I told the adult readers that I’d appreciate any in-line comments they wanted to add.

Now here’s the surprising kid beta reader results:

  • Children don’t like to mark in books, even if the story is printed on copy paper.
  • Children will tell you they loved your story—no matter what. I think they don’t want to hurt your feelings. (Or maybe that’s just my anxious author weirdness.)
  • The children recalled their favorite parts.
  • Each young reader remembered their favorite character’s name.
  • All five children liked the story enough to finish it. Whew. (I didn’t talk with the extra cousin reader).
  • The children said they would read a second book in this series. I sure hope this was the truth and just not another duck to make sure my feelings weren’t hurt.
  • These readers didn’t really offer much in feedback, other than they “liked the story and the teeny tiny people in the tree.”
  • They said they would tell their friends to read this story.
  • I love these kid readers even though they didn’t offer much input.

Now here’s the adult beta reader results:

  • All three adults liked my story.
  • Adults don’t mind marking in manuscripts.
  • All three adults gave feedback in areas where they were confused with the fantasy world.
  • All three parents talked in detail with their children about the story (Do what? As I said above, the kiddos didn’t talk much to me).
  • Each adult said they liked the theme of “good will to all.” One adult said the theme was like a “pay it forward kind of idea.” (I loved this remark)
  • All three adult betas said they would recommend the story to other families (after I fixed the confusing story-world parts).

Over all, not a bad research test. I’ll analyze and hash over this information in part three.


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I handed Over My Book Baby, Part One

November 2016 was a good time for me to hand out copies of my Christmas manuscript to families with children ranging from eight to twelve years old. Halo and the Boomerang Effect had been through several beta readers, three editors (over a five-year span), and multiply revisions, so I felt confident that my story was ready for young readers.

Luckily, I work for a company that runs a before and after school childcare program, so I had the good fortune of being able to reach out to families who fit into my middle grade audience. Out of eleven choices, six parents said their child would be interested in reading a holiday fantasy. Two of those parents said they’d be delighted to read it, too.

In January 2017, I gathered information from parent emails and met with each child to ask questions. My research gained some surprising, fun facts, which I’m going to discuss over several posts.  

I hope my pre-submission exploration gives authors some ideas they can try when it comes time to test the readability—and likability—of their manuscripts.


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This is Us

NBC renews This is Us for two more seasons! Waaa hooooo! This show has some great writers who do a whiz bang job on characterization. Great twists too and an outstanding end-of-season cliff hanger.

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Author Bio

I’m R. S. Jonesee, and I write tales. 

I live in Crawfordsville, Indiana, home of the late General Lew Wallace. In case you don’t know who he was….Mr. Wallace wrote one of the greatest novels of all times, Ben Hur. Yup. I visit his study museum in the summer months, and dream of having a writing studio built right smack in the middle of town (I dream high). Oh, and writing the next great novel.

Ben Hur

I graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and almost a creative writing minor (darn that poetry class I didn’t want to take). I’ve made up for that missing class by enrolling in online writing classes and participating in several critique groups.

I’m a social worker and Business Director by day, and a children’s story weaver during any free minute I can find.


My Writing

I’ve just finished my first middle grade novel, Halo and the Boomerang Effect, which is a whimsical, magical, Christmas fantasy. I’d like to call it a fairy tale, but I need to stay close to the marketable fantasy genre.

Halo and the Boomerang Effect is a story of trust, which gets shattered: truth, which gets blown apart: faith, which gets tested. This winter tale is how one loyal girl ingrained with Santa Claus goodness, finds the true meaning of good will to all.

The idea came to me one winter evening.  I was admiring my newly decorated Christmas tree, and I swear several pairs of eyes stared back at me. Of course this wasn’t true (or was it ?), but a story idea struck, and sprinkledink, the wonderful world of the tree living villagers, the Treeples, was born. And I have loved them ever since.

little tree


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Pitch Wars is Monday by R. S. Jonesee

Today, on my day off, I cleaned. Scrubbed my house like it was a filthy pig sty (it wasn’t). Did I mention…today was my day off from my regular job?

When I found myself ready to wash out trash cans with a toothbrush, I tore off my purple rubber gloves. What was I doing? Why did I feel this need to……….nest?

Then I smacked my head with my vinyl hand covers. Of course! Silly me. Monday, I’m giving birth to my first manuscript, introducing my baby to the world. Showing my infant to others, hoping they won’t freak and say it has odd ears. Or that my darling looks like it should be shoved back in until it has grown prettier and stronger. Or….. “that ain’t no story, that’s a poorly written obituary.”

Monday, August 17th, 2015, I’M PITCHING MY STORY IN MY FIRST EVER CONTEST, Brenda Drake’s #PitchWars!

Of course I’m nesting.

Now if I could only find enough pencils to build a perch.

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